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When it came to planning Harper's Harry Potter party, I don't know who was more excited...me or the birthday girl! I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter series of books. I was first introduced to them by my late uncle when he picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the Sourcerer's Stone and couldn't put it down. From there it was a literary love affair that had me waiting at midnight to buy the consequent books and devouring them in one sitting. And don't even get me started on when the movies came out...

So needless to say, everything about the party had to be magic....from the invitations to the decor to the entertainment, it was important to me that I captured the true feel of the books and made the guests feel like they had really been transported to Hogwarts.

The invitations came in wax sealed envelopes by "Owl Post" and included a train ticket for the guests to join us on Platform 9 3/4. Here is a peek at some of the design and the wording I used.






Harry Potter invitation graphic Owl Post


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Harper’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Term begins on Saturday, November 4th.

Please use this ticket to enter the train on Platform 9 ¾. Be aware that only Wizarding students will be allowed on the train. No Muggles!


When guests arrived on party day, they picked up their school robes, wands and glasses and then grabbed a suitcase and go to Platform 9 3/4 and on to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Favor Table

Harry Potter Favors

DIY tip: A simple expandable curtain rod with a brick patterned shower curtain cut up the middle is perfect as the magic wall. Place it in a doorway or hallway and presto...Platform 9 3/4!

Harry Potter Party IdeasHarry Potter Party DecorationsHarry Potter Party entrance

After arriving, the wizards were sorted into their houses with this Sorting Hat I purchased on Amazon. The girls got a kick out of the fact that it really talked and really seemed to think through which house was best for them. Note: It will repeat the sorting phrases every few people but we had a small amount of guests so it wasn't a big deal.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

After sorting, the girls moved to the Great Hall for some activities and dinner. I always like to have lots of activities to keep guests busy at my parties so for this one, the girls decorated their cups with gems, got glitter tattoos and they helped me make some special drinks for them to enjoy with dinner...Pensieve Punch and Butter Beer.

Harry Potter Party Decorations Dining HallGlitter Tattoos

Harry Potter Party Ideas

Harry Potter Butterbeer recipeTo make the Butter Beer, I used a super easy 5-ingredient recipe from Tina at Love is in My Tummy, check it out HERE.

After dinner, the guests were treated to a wizardly magic show. I hired a performer that regularly worked in Universal Studios and had the most perfect outfit for the job. He also catered his act to the age of the crowd (6-8 yo) with lots of interaction and plenty of giggles.

Harry Potter Party Entertainment

Party tip: If you are looking for something specialized for your party entertainment, don't be afraid to ask your local entertainment company if they have a performer that fits the bill or if their performer can dress to fit your theme. They are usually willing to comply if they are able.

Once the performance was done, the girls took some fun photos that I later printed out and sent with the thank you notes. It was a fun reminder of the party, a great keepsake for them and SO easy. I ordered the graphic from a shop on Etsy and had it printed and mounted from my local print shop. Then I used an exacto knife to cut out the center.

      Harry Potter Photo Shoot  Harry Potter Party Favors   Harry Potter Photo Prop

Of course what would a Harry Potter party (or any party) be without sweets!

Harry Potter Party Cake Table Decorations

  Harry Potter CupcakesHarry Potter Party Favors Gold Snitch

The guests were treated to all kinds of delicious cakes, cupcakes and candy from the themed cake table and Potions class table. A gorgeous cake by A Custom Kreation with the perfect topper by Painted Parade plus yummy lemon cupcakes and custom cookies.

Golden Snitch candy balls were another simple DIY I put together. I purchased clear candy container balls from my local craft store and hot glued white feathers to each side then filled with gold sixlets. They are the perfect treat for during the party or a great party favor for guests to take home!

Harry Potter Halloween Party Potions Table

   Harry Potter Party Gummy Candy TreatsHarry Potter Halloween Party Potions Class Decorations

Guests could even go out and make S'mores by the fire using the Patronus S'mores kits I made up. I simply spray painted different animals mentioned in the books white and then hot glued them to plastic jars with white lids. You can find similar jars on Amazon HERE.

Hary Potter Party Favors Patronus Smore Kits

Overall it was a great night! Keeping the guest count low meant each of them were able to spend time with the birthday girl and participate in everything throughout the party. The guests also brought home lots of fun favors that would remind their time at Hogwarts and could be used for other events in the future. (In fact, there were many Harry Potter's on "Dress as your favorite book character" at school that Spring!)

If you are a Harry Potter fan or have one in your family...I highly recommend putting together a party with this theme. It will be so much fun...for them and you! ;)



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Vendor Credits:

Design & Styling - Literati Party

Photography - Michael Mathews Photography

Cake and Cupcakes - A Custom Kreation

Cake Topper - Painted Parade

Cookies - 2 Smart Cookies Florida

Character Booking - Day Entertainment


Shop the Party...click below for the exact or similar items used in the party design:

Stuffed Owl

Harry Potter Tableware

Hogwarts Banner

Platform 9 3/4 Curtain

House Flags

Floating Candles

Glasses and Wands Party Favors

Cauldron Set

Happy Birthday Banner









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