Summer Fun


      Summer, summer, summer FUN time! Join us for the most fun summer ever and check off everything on your summer bucket list! We've put together a collection of the best summer activities and accessories in the shop to help kids keep busy all summer long.

      What kind of summer would it be if it didn't include arts and crafts??? From sticker books to make your own kits to color your own pillowcases, there is something for every kid.

      Ready to hit the beach or pool? Dive on in with our collection of cute vintage SunJellies bags and Bling2o goggles. We promise you will be the most stylish family around.

      Don't forget to let the kids slow down and enjoy the lazy days of summer too! Check out our Summer Reading collection of children's picture books.

      Celebrating something fun this summer? Take a look at our collection of Summer Party and Happy Camper decorations, tableware and favors.