Buckets of Fun

Summer months are the perfect time for a water party to celebrate your kiddos birthday. So open up the pool or rent a waterslide, get out the water guns and fill up those water balloons...it's too hot to be outside without water! 
Beach ball birthday party balloon column
water balloons in a kiddie poolwater guns for a little boys birthday party
And for the perfect party favor to send little guests home with, look no further then a brightly colored beach bucket filled with goodies. This simple, easy favor will keep kids entertained long after the party ends.
Beach bucket party favor for a boy birthday pool party
Water Fun Bucket
Water guns
Water balloons
Squirt toys or Rubber ducks
Snack Shack Bucket
Swedish Fish
Juice box
Beach Party Bucket
Beach towel
Beach balls
Summer Fun Bucket
Coloring book and crayons
Bubbles or bubble wands
Play-doh or Kinetic sand
You can also theme your bucket...pirate, mermaid, rainbow, tropical, jungle, flamingo...the possibilities are endless! 

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